Friday, April 3, 2009

Happy Weekend!

Just wanted to shout-out to everyone to have a wonderful delightful weekend. It's raining here and it's kind of cold but the weather man says that it should be beautiful this weekend. I guess we'll see. I'm so hoping for a gorgeous day on Saturday. I really want to take a long walk in the woods or a park so I'm hoping for nice weather. :) *Fingers Crossed*

Besides the weather, I am going to be pretty busy this weekend. The boyfriend's cousins are coming out today and we are going to go out tonight and hang with them. Saturday I am getting invitations and making them for my Mom's Surprise 50th Birthday Party and I am also going to be seeing my wonderful friend S that I haven't seen in forever! Sunday I'm going to church and then visiting my Dad at the Wine Store he works at. That should be pretty fun. We are getting tastings and might even get a FREE bottle of Wine. Yummy and so relaxing.

Well I'm off to start my weekend but have a lovely safe fun-filled weekend everyone! Lot of Love!
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mary said...

lovely blog :-D