Friday, September 4, 2009

Weekend Full of Fun

So this weekend is an extended weekend for most people. I'm off Monday from my full time job which will be fabulous. I can not wait to relax some and have some fun!

My weekend consists of:

Friday Night: The High school I graduated from is playing against their rival team. My friend and I are going to support our high school!! I'm so excited! After our victorious win I'm sure we'll grab drinks and dinner! :)

Saturday: My city is having an Art Fest all weekend long and to open up the fest they will be having a chili cook off. Super excited. This event is always fun. However I might be going to a College Football game (PSU) with B so who knows really.

Sunday: Going to use our free amusement park passes. I'm not too keen on going because I don't really like amusement parks and I've been to this one countless times but the tickets are free and we'll we can do something that B likes to do every now and then. LOL :)

Monday: Relaxation! This will most likely consist of watching trashy reality tv and taking a lot of naps! :)

What are your weekend plans? Are you doing anything exciting for the Labor Day weekend?


Classy in Philadelphia said...

Have a fab weekend. It sounds fun! I'm going down the shore this weekend- can't wait!