Friday, October 31, 2008

Layout Change

So I decided to do a little blog layout change. I was getting tired of seeing it black with bright pink so I decided to make it flowery and colorful. I hope ya'll like it. :)

Well I have to get going. Only 45 minutes more of this thing they call "work" then off to PARRTAY!!

I know, I know, I KNOW that I haven't been on here in quite sometime. I blame that partially on my crazy insane life and partially because of work. You see at work for like a month I wasn't able to log on to Blogger. For some reasons the Internet gods did not want me to sign on. I could look at everyone else's blogs but not sign on to mine nor leave comments on blogs and believe me I wanted to comment! I love reading every one's blogs and I think its fun to comment on what they are writing. So in any sense I'm sorry that I haven't blogged in gosh knows how long.

So today here at work, they are updating the system. I can not access 3 Sites that I use say 98% of the time. There is literally nothing to do today and I'm super bored. I think I have looked at a million and one celebrity gossip sites, checked my sad bank account, checked balances on gift cards, paid bills online, looked up gifts for Christmas, etc. I have done almost about everything there is to do at work and I'm still super bored. *UGH*

Any who, today is Halloween. Happy Halloween everyone! Today marks 7 years since my grandmother has died and to tell you the truth I miss her. I wish she could see how well I'm doing and to meet my super amazing boyfriend but I'm sure she is looking down from heaven and approving. Anyways, moving on to another subject. The boyfriend and I will be seeing live bands play tonight and drinkkkking some and having a good time. I might be meeting up with a few friends later at their college but we'll see.

This weekend is literally going to be packed full. Tonight is the bands, tomorrow I am cleaning and donating more clothes (down 35 lbs since April :)), grocery shopping, then hanging out with friends tomorrow night. Possibly seeing Saw V and I'm quite excited to see my bestest friend in the whole wide world! :) Sunday is church and then rock climbing for a few hours. I'm pretty stoked about that but I'm am the worst rock climber. I am not very good, yet. Key word is yet. In between all the craziness of the weekend I would love to carve another pumpkin or see more Haunted Houses. We went last weekend and only saw two attractions. I want to go more and get scared more before the season is over which technically will be over tonight.

Speaking of colleges, Tuesday I went to a local college about an hour and half away and saw one of the Presidential Candidates. That was pretty cool. I was out in the cold for 2 1/2 hours but it was worth it. My hands hurt so bad and at one point I went with my friend to the bathroom and couldn't unzip my pants my hands hurt that bad! I know a little TMI but I want you all to grasp the coldness that I felt! I went with the boyfriend and met up with my friend and her boyfriend and we had a fabulous time. After the rally we went and got some drinks and they bought us food with their parent's money. :) I love college. Parents usually pay for everything. I never went to a on-site college, never spent the night and never was in a dorm until Tuesday. I went to a community college for a year and a half and then didn't know what I wanted to do so I left school to take care of both of my parents. They were both very sick at the time. Honestly, I had such a great experience. I really have been thinking about going back to school and getting some degree even an associates degree but I want to stay somewhere and live on campus and get away from living on my own. I want to just hang out at night with people and study and go to class all in the same area. I really really want to. In all reality tho I'm a bit old now to try to go to a college and live there. I'm in the adult classes now and I really have to study. I feel like I missed out on these amazing college experiences that so many other people tell me about and show me pictures of. I want that and feel a little jealous that I didn't get that. While other people and people I know are now partying and having fun I'm working full time, paying rent, paying bills, living on my own and working on an acting career. I grew up fast and not that I'm regretting any of it I just have a little bit of jealously that I wasn't the one partying my heart out not giving a crap. I should be thankful for the experiences that I have had and are having but right now I'm stuck on I want to live carelessly for a little while. I wouldn't even live carelessly for awhile if I went back to school. My parents were never going to pay for college in the first place so they wouldn't pay it now. I would have a million and one student loans and I would be freaking out about taking final exams and all that other crap. I need a degree though and I plan on getting one. I just need the plan to fall into my other plans and then I'll be happy.

Anyone got any suggestions on how I can have "college experiences" and still get a degree and pay my rent?

Happy Halloween all the lovely readers.

Till next time,