Friday, July 31, 2009

Too Tired

For the next few days I'm sure that I won't be blogging much.

You see I decided to take on a 3rd job along with my Crab Cake job, and my main job which still isn't paying me. The crab cake job hasn't been giving me any hours since May so I decided that I really need to get some extra money.

I now work for a marketing/promotions company that hires clients to work at their clients events. They contact you whenever there are promotions in your area. So far I have only worked once with them but have loved it.(plus B works with me)

Last week I was contacted that there were openings in my area to work a number of days. So I choose a few days here and there but then had to switch due to unexpected weekend plans. So this weekend I'm signed up to work Saturday/Sunday 7.5 hours both days. Not too bad. B will be working at the events too and since this event is an hour and a half away it will be nice to drive with someone. I figured that after the event we can explore the town and have some fun. The money is fantastic too. B signed up to set up and breakdown along with working the event and i just signed up to be the Team Leader/Manager working the event. We both get extra money for doing this so I'm pretty excited. After this event I have another one to work near the end of the month which will be less hours but still great money.

Anywho, after all is said and done I will be working 11 days straight, then I head up to a cabin with B and his parents for a 3 days weekend. I'm so going to need to rest and relax so let's just pray that I do.

My month of August is filling up so fast that I'm not sure when I'm even going to find the time to do anything else I want to do.

So far my plans for this month:
Aug 1/2: working 3rd job
Aug 7/8/9: Cabin with B
Aug 15: Family Reunion on B's side
Aug 21/22/23/24: Hopefully Beach

Everything should be fun and really relaxing it's just when you put it on paper it looks overwhelming.

So if I don't blog for a few days please forgive me. I hope you understand. Have a wonderful day!

How's your month looking? Are you busy like I am?

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Today is my Blog Anniversary. That's right a year ago I started this blog. I can't believe it's been a year of writing on this thing.

Blogging has opened such a new world to me and I have discovered so many great blogs. So many talented writers, so many people who are just like me all over the world. Sometimes you get so wrapped up in your own little bubble that you fail to notice that most people are having the same issues the same problems that you have. Blogging has made me realize that and I think we all gain a little something when we all share our struggles and our achievements.

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone out there that I read and the future blogs that I read. You all have inspired me to do so many things. Your words are inspirational at times, heart wrenching at times, and hilarious at times. I also wanted to say THANK YOU to the readers that read on this blog. I don't have many that read (if any) but I'm still encouraged to write. I hope that in the future many more will continue to read and grow with me in the journey of my life.

So Thank You once again to everyone and all that you do. You are more important to me than you will ever possibly know.

Have a wonderful day, Sarah

Here are some of the wonderful blogs that I read on a daily basis: I ♥ them!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So this past Sunday was my anniversary dinner with B. :) It was wonderful and oh so romantic! :) We laughed, we reminisced, we smiled. It was pure joy.

I had gotten him a Hard Hat Pinata as a present filled with Mardi Gras beads, swedish fish, gum, tons of candy, plastic champagne glasses and a note that said he could pick between two Beer Fests and we would go.

I had read somewhere that for your one year marriage anniversary the gift was paper. Well the same apparently goes for when you are dating. This is why I got him the Pinata. The hard hat part is because it goes along the lines of where we first met. The Mardi Gras beads are from all the "clubs" and parties we went to over the course of a year. He loves swedish fish so of course I got him them. The gum was because I'm always eating his gum every time we are in his car. Yes you read that right. I EAT gum. I know bad but I do. Candy just for fun and the glasses because we could toast to ourselves. And the beer fest gift? Well he has mentioned that he wants to go and I thought why not get him that.

He was so impressed and so happy that I was that thoughtful. =) I'm so glad he liked it because it kinda took a long time.

Hard Hat Pinata:

Our dinner was very nice too. We got all dressed up and used a gift certificate I had to a fancier restaurant. We decided to eat outside and the view was breathtaking. It was so romantic and the food was really good. After dinner we decided to take a tour to see the rest of the property. The property is an old brewery that features a cave like area where it host murder mysteries and themed parties. The whole place was really interesting and gorgeous and we decided it's a must to come back there. I can't wait to do a Murder Mystery dinner there!

Overall our anniversary was so great and so nice. Here's to many more years to come!

*P.S. So I'm sorry this post sounds like a review but I'm tired and don't have much in me to write a semi-decent post*

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Today, July 26 it will be my official one year anniversary with my love.

A YEAR? Seriously. It feels like just months ago we were just starting to date.

I can't believe how time flies but its been a heck of a ride so far.

A year ago I had just moved out and was so determined in my head to move to NYC after a year was up. I wanted to be an actress, a singer, a performer. I wanted nothing more than to leave PA and head out to big city of NYC and pursue my dreams. I had goals set, I had things set up in my head of what the year plan was. I told my family I was leaving in a year and I prepared my life for the unknown.

That was a year ago. A year ago I began officially dating my boyfriend, B. Once I started dating him my world changed. Sure I had told him that I was leaving in a year and we'll see what happens in a year. I told him of my plans and my goals. I was so gun hoe about my plans that I didn't see him fitting into my plans.

Us a year ago.

Unbeknownst to me my plans changed. I fell in love with the most incredible person. A person who now I can't see my life without. The person who helps me be a better person and the person who makes me the happiest I have ever been.

It recently occurred to me that maybe the reason why I was so determined to leave was because I hadn't found my happiness yet. I was determined to find my own happiness in another state and start fresh with the unknown. Maybe the reason why my plans changed was because I had found my happiness and my purpose here with B. Sure I want to act and still be a performer. That hasn't changed. I still want to pursue that but I couldn't imagine leaving without the love of my life now. My desire to leave and leave this life behind isn't my goal anymore. My goal now is to leave with the love of my life to a new state full of new opportunities and for us to start our life together. I'm open to pursuing my dreams and I'm open to his dreams as well.

His happiness and my happiness go hand in hand. I want the very best for him and him the same with me. Last year I was selfish and all about myself. I wanted everything for me. Last year I couldn't possibly imagine the life I have now. I couldn't imagine all the happiness I have. I couldn't imagine my life without him now.

I guess you never really know where a year will take you. God has his plans farther out than you can ever imagine. Isn't it funny how life can suddenly change? I guess you really never know what you're missing until you find it.

Happy 1 year anniversay! I love you to the moon and back and beyond. You are incredible. Forever and always, Your Love Sarah
Us back in May driving on vacation.More of a serious one.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My boyfriend who I would like to now refer to as B is looking for a job. He has been laid off of his job for 6 months now. He has been applying and looking for pretty much anything but let's face it there isn't much out there right now.

It has been extremely hard on him. He has been getting more and more depressed every week and seems to be getting angrier each day from his frustration.

Recently he has been looking up things on the military. He met with the Air Force last week and this week he met with the Army. He hated things in the Air Force but he loved what was offered with the Army. Granted he doesn't want to be in the infantry area where you are the front lines but he would like to either be fixing things on a base or something else.

I'm not sure how to feel about all of this. It looks like 90% chance that B is going to enlist. We have talked about it numerous times since he brought up the idea to me. He says that no matter what we will be together that this would ensure a better life for us in the future, he could feel like he is really doing something, and he would be proud of a job that he is doing.

While I want him to be happy doing something he loves or even likes I don't want him going into the military, fighting in another country. I wish that he would choose a job or find one that had normal hours M-F 8-5. All career paths he has been interested in have been "high risk" and haven't been normal hours or days.

I was able to handle him testing for Police Officers jobs but I'm having a really hard time dealing with this. At least with a police officer job he would come home every night and I know he would be alright. I could talk to him on the phone when I wanted to and for the most part see him when I wanted to. I'm not saying that the police officer job would rest me from worrying. Let's face it bad things happen there too.

I'm just really uneasy about the military. He's thinking about doing the Army Reserves which would put him closer to home when he wasn't serving and such but right now all reserves are fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan. My ex-boyfriend was in the military but got hurt and had to leave early, his best friends were serving in Iraq when I met him. When they came home they were completely different than they were before and actually had to go on another tour 8 months after they had come home. I've heard the horror stories from them and from some of B's friends who have served.

I'm just so scared about the unknown. How will I know he's safe? How will I know anything? I won't have the luxury to talk to him whenever I want and I won't get to see him. How will I cope with the drastic change? I'm so unsure, and I'm so scared that I might lose him. I don't' want him to change either. He's the most caring, wonderful man I know and well I'm scared the army is going to break him down and he'll change. Meaning we'll change down the road.

This is a huge decision one that he is going to have to make a some point or another. In a few nights we are going to go over the paperwork and look at it together and I think then he'll decided what he wants to do. I will support him no matter what.

I never imagined myself being an "army girlfriend". I never imagined that life and now that I'm facing the possibility I'm not sure how you deal with it. How do you deal with all the uncertainties?

I guess my post is about the very real nervousness of this whole thing. I wanted to put out what was going on and perhaps if anyone has insight, comments, encouragement for me they can provide it. Right now I need all the help I can get so I can be happy for him with whatever he does and know everything will be alright.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm not going to elaborate on this issue seeing as how this might sacrifice my anonymity but the simple fact is why the state can not pass a budget, I am going without pay. Inmates are getting paid but the workers are not. On Friday I will be getting partial pay and will start struggling in order to pay bills, eat, to live a everyday life. Please pray for the affected families larger than just mine. I'm lucky I only have myself but what about the people who have kids, who have babies and need money to put food on the table. Please pray that this budget gets passed soon and that we can all have paychecks so we can live our lives. I know that most of us in this economy are struggling and just surviving until the next paycheck. What happens when we don't' get paid for the work we do? I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I'm just going to keep praying and believing that everything is done for a reason.

All I can end with is pray.

A Giveaway

So over at Misadventures of a Newlywed there is an awesome giveaway that is happening now.

It is for a $30.00 gift certificate to AVON! I'm super in love with AVON and love their products. I'm fortunate enough that they have a store right where I work so I frequently am buying eyeliner, hand cream, perfume, etc.

The gift certificate is for the person hosting the giveaway her online AVON website. The site is pretty cool and you can get all your beauty products with just a click.

So what are you waiting for?

Go Enter this giveaway and then check out her blog. She is an awesome blogger and if you haven't been reading her you should. Maybe I'll be lucky enough one day to have the "fame" she has on blogging and maybe meet her. Until then just start reading and enter the giveaway.

Have an awesome day!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My title rhymes! LOL.

Since I have been getting back onto the bandwagon and eating extremely healthy I haven't been eating much pizza lately. Not saying that pizza is forbidden on WW just that I have been packing more and eating healthy sandwiches and salads more than just a slice of pizza.

I haven't had pizza in 5 weeks. Yes you read that right. 5 WEEKS! So last week I forgot to pack and my mom didn't come into work and sometime she packs us food. So I didn't have any food for lunch I decided why not get a slice of pizza today. I walked for about a half an hour to get some exercise in and then I decided to get my pizza slice. My slice was yummy and so delicious! I was seriously in heaven until...about a half an hour later when I did not feel so good.

The pizza did not sit well with me. I think my body is rejecting pizza because I haven't had it so long. This makes me a little sad but I'm sure that I'll enjoy it again once I get back down to my goal weight or even before then.

Stupid Pizza!!

P.S. I have a MAJOR headache and I keep getting one. Please pray these headaches go away soon!

Monday, July 6, 2009

A Year Ago

A year ago yesterday I met the love of my life at a downtown bar. I know that sounds so romantic but really it was. I guess you had to be there and be in my shoes but he swept me off my feet and I've been in love ever since.

Here is the story of how we first met:

Never would I have ever imagined that I would meet someone at a bar let alone that year. I had just moved into my very first apartment all by myself and my friend had dragged me out to go clubbing. (I moved in the day before to my apartment) I was reluctant to go but decided what the heck. I was ready to go home when all the sudden some guy came up to me and wanted to dance. I didn't want to but he forced me out to the dance floor. He danced completely crazy but I figured anyone who can dance that way in public was pretty awesome. I dance pretty crazy myself. He then brought me a drink and danced some more. I was so excited that a guy had bought me a drink. He invited my friend and I to go to another club across the street with his friend. My friend reluctantly went along and I was whisked away with this new boy dancing down the street laughing all the way. He said our dancing was like the notebook which won me over.* We sat and talked for a bit then my friend and I decided to leave. This new boy asked for my phone number and if we could go out sometime. I decided to give him my number and to give me a call. As I was about to leave he grabbed my hand and gave me a kiss. It left me speechless and I had butterflies.

Later that evening/early morning I got a phone call from him. I was shocked he was calling. We talked for at least an hour that night and he told me he would call me the next day. I didn't think anything of it but was secretly hoping that he would. Needless to say I got a call from him the next day. I was with my mom and I was jumping up and down so excited he had called. We set up a date and a few days later we had our first date.

I'll never forget those first few weeks of us dating. Sometimes I think back to when we first met and wonder in amazement at how far we have both come from those early days.

*Side note: He doesn't remember saying that but he really did and it was so cute.