Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Lil' Update

So I couldn't get my car on Tuesday like I had hoped. The salesman called and said that the mechanic had called off sick and hadn't finished putting in a part for me. So I was supposed to pick up the car tonight and well it snowed like crazy so I couldn't go and pick up the car also the salesman called and the mechanic was off sick again today. So I am a little frustrated to say the least but I'm hoping that I can pick up the new car tomorrow. I can't wait to take the new bug on the road and take the boyfriend around town!!

In other news, I am feeling like crap physically. I have a sore throat, sometimes an ear ache and my voice is very scratchy. I'm so tired because I haven't sleep good since I can't breath with my throat feeling like it is closing up. AHH...I hope that I start feeling better.

Lately I feel like I haven't worked out much. Besides hiking in the snow and sledding this past weekend my workouts have almost come to a complete halt. I feel completely gross and feel so frustrated. I'm working really hard this week to watch what I eat and to track it all and to not overeat. So far its working better than I thought and its going pretty good. Since it's sleeting out and there is snow on the ground I couldn't run outside or do anything so I decided to do my workout in the apartment. I did my weightlifting with the weights my thoughtful bf got me for Christmas, ab workout, leg stretches, toned, and danced/jogged around the room for about 10 minutes until I realized that I might have taken it a little too far. I'm pretty proud of myself for trying to get back into the swing of things and hopefully I can keep it up. I have the last 20 lbs to lose by April I hope because I want to fit into a bikini for the summer. Hopefully everything will work out and I can keep up the routine.

Monday, January 26, 2009

The boyfriend and I went on a weekend getaway this past weekend. His family owns a hunting cabin and we decided to go up there and spend the weekend.

I didn't know what to expect at first seeing as how the boyfriend kinda scared me by his use of terms (i.e. cold, extremely cold, lots and lots of snow, outhouse) those were just to name a few. I had never been to the cabin so I wasn't sure and he wasn't helping by scaring me with those kinds of words. I mean Outhouse is going to kinda scare any girl.

Surprisingly the weekend was fabulous and oh so fun! The cabin was pretty awesome and had lots of room and the outhouse was actually not to bad. Okay it was not fun going in -2 degree temperature but still it wasn't horrible.

We left on Friday and starting driving and we stopped at the boyfriend's college town to visit his friends and we had a drink with them and caught up with them and then drove some more and finally made it to the cabin at 1 AM!! First off let me say this cabin is in the middle of nowhere and there is no light so it was so crazy dark and was extremely cold. There was about a foot or so of snow and it was crazy. We gathered all of our suitcases and such in and loaded into the cabin in freezing temperatures and got the heat on and the electricity on. We finally went to sleep at 3 AM and woke up the next day and went up a HUGE and I mean HUGE mountain (it took about 45 mins just to get up the mountain) and went sledding. It was so completely fun!! We went up the mountain about 4 times during the weekend to go sledding and I had a blast. We both felt like such kids but it was such a good stress reliever and I haven't had that much fun in god knows how long. I burned a lot of calories this past weekend was such a good thing seeing as how I have not really cared what I have eaten in about 2 weeks.

I'm not going to bore you with all the details of the trip but lets just say it was such a fabulous great relaxing time alone with the boyfriend and I. It was so nice just to be with him and only him no other distractions just him and I having fun. I fell deeper in love with him and feel like we share a stronger bond.

Can't wait to go back in the spring so we can actually hike in warm weather!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

So I'm in the process of buying a new to me used car. I hate looking for cars, figuring out to pay for them, researching, all that junk about looking for newer cars. It is just a pet peeve of mine. Any who I don't have much choice seeing as how my car is almost completely dead. :(

I got my car my Oldsmobile Ciera 96' (Green/Gray Color) almost 3 years ago and while I didn't really like it I didn't have much of a say since my Step mom helped me with some on the money till I could pay her back. I was only 19 at the time so I couldn't really afford a loan or anything of that sort. So I got the car and not even 2 weeks later the lights on the outside went completely out over and over again. I finally got that fixed but I had more problems. About a month into the car my exhaust pipe had hole in it and I had to get that repaired. Then in the summer time since I got the car in the winter my air conditioning stopped working. Air conditioning is always nice when you have roll up windows and its really hard to put them down or up on the other sides of the car! So about a year after I had the car I was working late a night and some jerk hit my back driver's side door and that lead to me not being able to open the door ever again. Yeah fantastic! Doesn't that just sound like such a great car? Actually I had gotten a CD player from my ex-boyfriend for one of my birthdays and he installed the CD player and that was one of the only nice things that was in my car. Needless to say I kinda have grown attached to that car even though I secretly hate it and it has a mind of its own (hence the service engine soon light comes on and goes off a day later). I have 181 thousand miles on it and its time for it to part ways with me but I am feeling a little sad about giving it up knowing that this car is just going to go to the junkyard. My dog was sick a few days ago and I was so worried about her that I decided to start my car and drive to the vet hospital for what might be the last time and boy I was emotional driving home thinking that this might be it for the little car. I'm sad and excited at the same thing thinking on a new car and the new possibilities ahead for a newer car but I just can't seem to stop thinking about giving up this car.

Am I crazy or does others feel the same about giving up your car?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So I was just informed by the wonderful Ashley from Turquoise Ribbons that today is Delurking Day!
Basically you just leave me a comment asking me questions or telling me something about yourself.

Can't wait to hear from all you!

Have a great DELURKING DAY! :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

The past few weekends have been so crazy insane. Since Christmas Eve the boyfriend and I have been insanely busy. From 8 dinners to just jammed packed weekends we have been going non-stop. Not that I mind it but its just crazy to think of everything we have done in a month!

This weekend was none less than busy. First on Friday, my friend S, the boyfriend, and me went to eat at a really good Italian place. (*It was supposed to be girls night but then S said that I could invite the boyfriend and his friend*The boyfriend has been trying to hook these two up for quite some time now and I think she finally is starting to like the friend) So low and behold the boyfriend and his friend were going to go but his friend had to work so the boyfriend just came to eat with us. After that we went downtown with another one of his friends and had a few drinks, partied it up and then decided to go and drive around and then eat. Boy was it a fun night. Much needed night out and we were celebrating the boyfriends first week of the new job he started! I'm so proud of him. He even made a sale his first week!! :)

So onto Saturday. Well since my car is dunzo (more on that later) my mom had to come and pick me up so I could go take care of my Aunt's animals (pet sitting this weekend too) and then take me to the grocery store. After that I had to hurry back home and get ready to go to a Jimmy Buffet Parrot Head Club Christmas Party. I know it's January but that was the only time to fit it in. We wore some fun Hawaiian things and it was so much fun. We even won a liquor dispenser. It's pretty awesome!! We were out at the party for about 5 hours and it was so much fun. More fun that I could have imagined.

My dress that I wore: (The pic is a lil blurry)
Onto Sunday. Well Sunday we went to church as usual and then after that we drove over to my Aunt's to take care of the animals again. Then we decided to go to our state's 93rd Annual Farm Show. First off I go there every year. It is a tradition of mine just like many other people in my state. The boyfriend and I love to go to fairs, carnivals, shows, etc. You name it we are there. We love the atmosphere and especially the food. Well if you don't know I'm on Weight Watchers and I have been since April. (I'll tell you all more later) Anyway I can not control myself at these things. I think in my head that they are only for a short time one time a year and life isn't life if you restrict yourself from everything. So I eat really really good fried food when I'm at these things. Anyway, back to my story. Sunday we went to the Farm Show. So. Much. Fun. Seriously. I love animals. I love looking at them and petting them. We just had an incredible time at the show and want to go back before its over. I'm not even talking about the food yet. The Food? Seriously amazing. It's all done by local farmers such as the Dairy Farmers, Meat, Fish, Etc. so you really are supporting the state and the farmers that grow/raise the products. Let me just say that in total we had French Fries, Cheese Cubes, 3 Hot Dogs, Turkey Sandwich, Whoopie Pie, and a Chocolate Milk Shake. I did alright. I had things in moderation but still we had a lot. They also had free Wine Tasting from local Wineries in the area and that was pretty fun to do too. We have been talking about going on a tour of Wineries and tasting because we aren't big into wine but we thought it would be something different to do then just the normal things. My work is offering free rides to the show this week during lunch and I'm pretty sure I will have to go back and get some more food. Also it is a must that we go back and see more animals and well let's face it get more food. LOL.

I'm pretty sure that I'm going to have to workout hardcore tonight to burn off everything but I did ride the stationary bike for 1.5 miles, lift weights and dance like no tomorrow on Saturday. Hopefully I'll be okay for my next weigh-in.

Till next time,

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy 2009

Hey Everyone! I know that I say I'm always sorry for not blogging but I am sorry! I literally am so busy these days that I just don't have time anymore.

So on that note..moving on. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! How did everyone's new year's eve celebrations go? Mine was excellent and a lot of fun. Met some new people, went to a new city, spent time with the boyfriend who makes me so completely happy, drank for extremely cheap, and had good food. Bad side: The following morning! Oh well only happens once a year right?

Anyways on the way back from what seemed to be an entirety yesterday (hence because I was still feel lovely at 12 PM) my boyfriend asked me what my new years resolutions would be. Honestly I hadn't even thought of any. Last year I had a lot that I wanted to accomplish. I wanted to lose weight, move out on my own, get a good job, make more money than before, gain more independence and hopefully find someone to be with. I actually completed ever single one. I lost a great amount of weight and still losing (I wasn't that big to begin with but needed to lose a good 50 lbs or so, yes I know that sounds like a lot but I didn't look huge), I moved out on my own to my studio apartment in July, I got a promotion my first day at my new job so more money, I definitely gained more independence and more confidence in myself, and I met the love of my life. Pretty good year in all I would have to say! :)

I couldn't really give him an answer as to what my new resolutions would be. I just wanted to lose some more weight and that was about it. It bugged me yesterday that I didn't know what I wanted to accomplish this year. After all I'm a planner so why hadn't I planned on what I wanted to do in the new year? Any who I thought and thought and now I had a list of what I would like to accomplish this year.

Without further ado here is the New Year's Resolutions (this is a short list):

1. Lose more weight. I only have about 20 or so more lbs. to go and then I will be at my goal weight with Weight Watchers.

2. Gain some financial independence. I got 2 credit cards this past year and although I like to think that I'm super smart and know what to do all the time this wasn't the case with the credit cards. Mind you I didn't go all over crazy and max them out. However I did go a little bit too crazy and kinda sorta thought that it was like a gift card of free money. I now know that it is not in fact free money it is MONEY and I have very little of it. Cancel the credit cards and pay of the balance! I also want to have enough money where I feel like I can survive for 2 weeks not worrying if I'll have enough to pay all the bills, etc. I need a nest egg like I had when I lived at home. I know need a new one and I need to keep it all there. Times are though and I don't think they will get any easier in the months to come.

3. Get more organized. I would like to think that my hip studio apartment is all the rage and that my friends are all jealous of my apartment and how awesome it is. Actually they all do think its awesome and so cute but it needs to be better organized. I live in a studio apartment. I don't have much room so I need to figure out what to do with all the purses, shoes, clothes that I have and that I will buy in the future. I'm going crazy in the tiny space that I have and I need to make the most of it. I can't afford to have anything on the floor that doesn't need to be there. Step 1 research how to make this work. Step 2 go out to the store with mom and get tools to fix this problem.

4. The Boyfriend and I to still be great and going strong. I love him so much! I pray that this relationship can be all that it can be. That we can be so happy with each other, that we continue to love each other and that the love grows, and then when things get hard that we always work out the trouble spots. I have a great feeling that this relationship will be great in 2009 and the years to come. I love him so much and I can't wait to begin this new year with him. I pray everyday for us to still be great as we are now and that this will turn out to be a forever thing and that it just goes so well.

5. Stay happy. I am so incredibly happy at this moment and in my life right now. I actually feel on top of the world. I want to maintain that feeling of happiness throughout the whole year. I know that you can't be insanely happy all the time but I want to be for a majority of the year. (Let's say 97 % of the time) This year is going to be a great, exciting year filled with a ton of adventures and I want to be happy along the way with it all.

6. Cook more. WAY MORE! I rarely cook and I really need to figure all of that out and start cooking. I have so many recipes that I would love to try but it's rather stupid to cook up all these meals for only one person. It's rare that the boyfriend and I get to eat together for dinner. I usually see him after dinner or something. I told him yesterday that I am going to cook more and that he better be over to eat the great dinners that this master chef is going to make. LOL. I know that if we live together in a few months or whatever that he is going to want to have meals, home cooked meals so I better get a move on it. LOL. Wish me luck.

Well here's the list. Not a lot of things but some things that I really need to do. I hope everyone has a wonderful 2009 and that the new year brings lots of happiness, laughter, and love along your way.