Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I know that I haven't been exactly good at writing recently but it's not because I don't like you all or anything I'm just busy once again.

I don't feel like writing a super-de-dooper long post today so everything is a recap of the past few days. I hope you don't mind but my mind can't even begin to write about everything I have been doing.

So without further aido here's the RECAP:

  • We didn't go to a Irish Pub on St. Patrick's Day. Instead we went downtown into the city where you could drink for FREE for 3 hours after you paid a cover fee. That cover fee covered 4 bars, 1 green plastic cup that you drank out of, a t-shirt,beads,and a green plastic hat. We had a lot of fun and I def. got my french fries and some good drinks. :) Oh and since it was free drinks we couldn't get specialtiy drinks so therefore I didn't get my Thin Mint Drink. :( BOO!
  • The boyfriend and I went to BINGO up the street from my apartment 2 weeks ago and I won $25.00 dollars! It was a really fun time plus they give you a free meal when you play. I went last week with my Stepmom and didn't win but it was still fun. I'm thinking this will have to be atleast a bi-weekly thing!
  • The boyfriend left last Wed. up to his cabin so I was alone by myself for 5 days. I got a lot done and got to hang out with some people that I normally don't get to see.
  • Saturday I went to NYC and saw Mamma Mia on Broadway with the boyfriend's family. Well at least all the girls in the family. It was so much fun and I felt like home going back to NYC. I just love it there. *I'll post some pics from the trip soon*
  • Sunday the boyfriend got home and I was so excited to see him. :)
  • Yesterday after work the boyfriend met me at my mom's house and we took her dog Izzie and his dog Pozy to a local park and we walked around for about 2 hours. It was a lot of fun and the dogs def. enjoyed it. It was so nice just to spend some alone time with the boyfriend and it was relaxing! After we dropped off Izzie we went back to the boyfriend's house and lifted weights, did our abs and hung out for a bit.
  • Today is just another typical tuesday. Tonight is Weight Watchers like usual, going for a walk with my group after the meeting, and possibly seeing the boyfriend. Also food is a must since I don't eat for like 5 hours before my weigh-in. *I seriously better lose some weight tonight b/c I have been extremely good and have worked out like a mad women. If I go up tonight the weight watchers crew better watch out.*

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I hope everyone has a fun and safe St. Patrick's Day. In honor of the day I'm wearing green and tonight I will be celebrating with the boyfriend and some friends at an Irish Pub.

I will be eating some of these:
(It's after my Weight Watchers Mtg. so I can have them hehe)

And drinking some of these:
I'm sure the boyfriend will be drinking these:
And eating some of these:

Yes we don't eat the Irish Food but we definitely drink the "green" drinks. I'm so looking up a recipe for the bartender on Thin Mint Martinis. Those sound soooo good and well their green so I can't go wrong with that! Pretty much they are just like the Dirty Girl Scout Shot so I'm just going to ask for that but as a drink.

I hope everyone has a fabulous day and has some fun tonight. At least get one drink and join in on the festivities. WEAR YOUR GREEN!

*Photos taken from Google Images*

Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

So it's another Monday so you know what that means, The Weekend Wrap-Up.

Friday night I went grocery shopping at Target and got some incredible deals there and used my gift card to pay for the entire amount so it was definitely great to be able to shop there. After I went shopping I decided to get the rest of my ingredients that I needed to make my recipes for next week. I saved tons of money at the grocery store too. Very excited. Seeing as how my checking account has $1.00 in it till Friday I needed to save as much money as possible. Very excited. I went home and made this amazing recipe that I found on $5 Dollar Dinners. If you haven't been to that site, you MUST go now. Seriously amazing. No, no one is paying me to say anything or gush about it. I seriously am in love with this website. Although in Pennsylvania I can't find meat that is cheap I still learn how to plan healthy delicious meals for under let's say $8.00 in PA. It might be $5.00 there but it's $8.00 here, and well that's okay with me. I've been getting into cooking more and getting more ideas and so when I ran across this website I knew it was a match made in heaven. Anyways let's move on. :)

Saturday was such an awesome day. The boyfriend signed him and I up for PAWS-Abilities on Saturday and asked me to bring my mom's dog Izzie. Izzie goes on play "dates" with boyfriend's dog Pozy and so it was natural for us to bring our dogs to play with other dogs and see all the cool things at the event. PAWS-Abilities is an event to showcase dogs that have talents either "dressing" up, agility races, etc. The event also showcases service dogs. It was super cool watching some of the dogs dressed up and it was neat to see our dogs react to all the other dogs. My little Izzie is a mini daschund so she was surrounded by HUGE dogs all day. She was so fearless and couldn't have cared less. She thought she was tough so nothing bothered her, not even the Mastiffs or Great Danes. LOL. Pozy on the other hand is a Springer Spaniel and was super scared and very timid the entire day. She stayed right by Izzie's side and made sure that she couldn't get harmed. My mom decided to come along too and so did boyfriend's mom so they finally got a chance to meet. That was nice and they seem to have hit it off right away. That made me feel better since I was a nervous wreck for them to meet. My mom can sometimes say the weirdest things so I was just a little worried. I'll have more pictures once I get them from the boyfriend. The pictures are priceless and are so funny of the dogs.

Saturday night the boyfriend and I decided to do the St. Patty's Day thing since there were supposed to be some bars that were having specials and parties that night rather than having it on the actual day. We had invited almost everyone we knew to come out but everyone was busy so we just decided to go ourselves and have a good time. We dressed up in Green, wore beads the whole shebang and what do you know almost everywhere we went the parties were not there. I wish I could show you the boyfriend and I but because of Privacy Issues I can't. I can however show you this picture of me. I blurred out my face but you can still see what I'm wearing. :)

Yes I take pictures of myself in the bathroom. Don't judge me. (Sorry that the face is blurry but it's for privacy reasons)

Only one bar was an Irish Bar and was playing music but that was about it. It was lame but the boyfriend and I did have a great time and drank ourselves silly. :) It was a good night with good laughs. I was hit on my a 65 year old who thought I was "the most beautiful girl in the entire world". While that was nice an all he was real creepy and gave me his phone number so we all could have a 4 some. Umm-no thank you mister. The boyfriend was so ready to punch him but luckily security threw him out after I kept letting them know what he was doing. Otherwise the night was really really fun.

Sunday was just a typical Sunday. Nothing special. My brother came over and we made a pizza. A Homemade Pizza. Another recipe courtesy of $5 Dollar Dinners. Click Here and you can see the recipe for this awesome Pizza. Very delicious and we had a super fun time making it. In all hon esty though it really really simple to make. I was quite surprised.
My Awesome beyond Awesome Pizza.

How's was your weekend? Tell me all about it! I would love to hear from you! Have a great Monday everyone!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Over at Summer in Newport she is having a giveaway for a necklace of her very own. It is so gorgeous and I'm secretly hoping that I win. Please go over to her site and sign up to win this gorgeous necklace! The Giveaway end March 13th.

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Go check her out to try to win this awesome necklace. Good Luck!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

So Over at Drew and Ashley they are having a giveaway. It's a secret giveaway but if you tell them something about yourself, your dislikes and likes in colors you might be the lucky winner.

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Good Luck

The boyfriend had his police officer test on Saturday morning. He had to get at least a 70 to pass the written portion to move on to the physical part and he PASSED. So next he moved on to the physical part and PASSED with flying colors. He out shined everyone and was #1 in the entire group. Out of more than 200 people that showed up he was #1!! I'm so proud of him. He really worked hard studying to make sure he could get this test and he passed. So next he moves on to filling out applications for the 3 different offices he could potentially work at. After he fills them out hopefully he gets interviews and they go from there. I'm so excited and proud of him and I believe that this could be the start of something great for him and I. :)

Our weekend was busy like usual but never less fun. On Friday I wasn't supposed to see him but since he was down about the job and everything I decided to come over and watch a movie with him and relax. On Saturday I cleaned all day and basically sat around till about 5 when I went out to dinner with the boyfriend's family. It was his grandfather's birthday so the entire family came out to a restaurant and it was a good time. After that we hit up a local bar before we headed to a Comedy Show. I met up with my friend, let's call her K there and the boyfriend's friend was along too. Out of the blue I saw someone I hadn't seen in years. We'll call her T. I was friends with T for years but she moved and we lost touch. I couldn't believe that I saw her and so we caught up and now have numbers so we can hang out again! I'm so excited about that. I never see anyone that I know when I'm out so it was great to see an old friend.

The Comedy Show was awesome. I know the girl who sells the tickets for the show because she is the little sister of one of my friends. The place was packed and she was getting annoyed with everyone that she just decided to comp. our tickets so we got in FREE to the show. Also the best part...Front row seats right on the stage. Freaking Awesome! It pays to know the right people. The show was funny and we had a few drinks which helped but it was hilarious. I have only been there once before but each time they are funny and don't disappoint. I'll show you guys all the pictures when I finally get them back from K.

After we got done with the show, K decided to part ways but the boyfriend, his friend and I decided to hit another bar and just chill out. I met up with my cousin who is the bouncer for the bar and we had a great time. We had a few Dirty Girl Scout Shots and had a few drinks. If you haven't had the Dirty Girl Scouts you are missing out. These things taste just like Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream. You can't taste the alcohol in them and they are so yummy. Be careful because if you order too much of them you will start feeling it though. LOL. Just a little information the next time you are out. I almost always get this shot and love it each time.

Sunday was daylight savings time so that threw me off but I did end up exercising and cleaning the apartment so overall that was a pretty productive day. We went out to eat at night to a new restaurant. Don't you love trying new places out? I know I do. Anyways this place was pretty cool. It looked like a neighborhood and looked like you were in a Fire Department as well. I know I'm not good at describing this but it really was awesome. They also had these huge bottles of Vodka and other liquors that were emptied but were once used for the bar itself. Very cool place. After that we just hung out for the rest of the day and played Mario Party.

Overall it was a great weekend full of fun. How was everyone weekend?

*Photos taken from Google Images*

Friday, March 6, 2009


Okay I know that the title of my post sounds kinda sorta gross but I don't mean it to be. Really I don't mean for it to sound gross, so get your heads out of the gutters. :)

I am talking about stupid bosses, co-workers, and jobs. They can all SUCK-IT!! My boyfriend has worked at a sales job for the past 4 months selling Uniforms, Rugs, Towels, ETC. He has made plenty of sales but not a ton because of the way the economy is right now. A lot of people could care less about floor mats and more about how they are going to pay their employees. The boyfriend's company let's call them Greedy Lawyers have all these really stupid rules. He has to go to 30 new businesses each day and each time he makes a sale he doesn't see commission on that sale for like 2-3 months. (He has yet to see commission for anything he has sold) This is bullshit in my opinion and is downright shady. He also has to call his boss each night to report about the day (she rides with him at least 2 times a week,she knows about his day), fax all these sheets to the company headquarters, and research on where he will go the following day. A few weeks ago they cut his pay in half to where no one could survive on that kind of salary. Let's just say that McDonald's employees are making more than him. He isn't getting health care and now he is getting paid squat. The only good thing is they reimburse for mileage and gas. However those take awhile to see too.

The boyfriend hates this job and wants to find a new one but right now it's hard. He found out about a Police Officer position and so he has been studying all this past week because he takes the 1st round of tests on Saturday.

So today boyfriend calls me at 9:30 AM (he gets to work at 7:30 AM) sounding really upset almost to the point of crying to tell me that they fired him or laid him off because his sales numbers weren't' what they were supposed to be for starting out. WHAT THE HECK?? ARE YOU SERIOUS? Boyfriend has made at least 7 sales that were huge for corporations in the past 4 months and he hasn't made enough. You have guys working with him that haven't made any sales in MONTHS and you lay off this guy? WHAT THE F? Also to make it more awesome one sales guy is in jail because get this, he was driving with a suspended license and the reason he was found out is because he had a DUI and another one so he's in jail because he can't make bail. So that guy isn't fired yet he is just on "vacation"! What a bunch of messed up crap.At least the boyfriend has a few positions that he is applying for and has the first round tomorrow for the Police Officer. I just kept trying to remind him that another door will open soon. He's worked really hard studying for this test that I just know he has to Ace it.

Wish him and I luck that he finds a new, better job soon.

To the horrible jobs, you all can SUCK IT!!

On that lovely note, I hope everyone has a nice weekend. Love ya all!
*Photos taken from Google Images*

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lately I have been super bored at work. And no I don't mean yes I have work to do but I don't want to do it. No I have nothing to do. NOTHING! I'm so bored that I literally have filled up my blog reading to almost the max. And yes I do read each one because I'm that bored. Not that I don't enjoy each and every single one of my blogs but I really shouldn't be consuming my day with blog reading and commenting. I have spent entirely too much time on the Internet that I don't even go on my computer at night time. It's really sad.

My job consist of answering emails from the help email in the morning and answering phone calls throughout the day. Well I'm done with answering emails at about 9:30 and I get in at 8:30 and throughout the day I get maybe 14 calls. Yes some of them are long and drawn out but its incredibly boring when there is nothing to do.

The worst part of this is that my position is getting moved to a different agency where the entire help desk system will be implemented. 13 other people will have the exact same job I have now and the worst part is there will be nothing then for me to do. NOTHING. I'm getting really sick of this crappy job. I wish I could move to another position but they aren't hiring anywhere now and I can't interview for the newly created positions because get this I'm not qualified. I have been doing this job for a year and a half now. I think I'm overly qualified and could definitely be a supervisor but since I'm not management now they won't let me interview. BS I say. Well I guess I'll just have to keep reading those blogs, commenting, posting, researching other possible job opportunities, (such as pastry school, wedding planner, party planner, etc (more on that later)) daydreaming about moving to other states and daydreaming of vacations because I can't afford it with the stupid salary they give me now because I'm not management!

For all those people who are bored like I am here's some fun things to do while you're at work:

Just a little something to make you day seem brighter. Have a wonderful day!
*Photos taken from Google Images*

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Hey all you lovely readers! I'm so sorry I haven't been able to post in a while. I have been so busy!! I know you always here that and I'm trying to do better but really I have been busy.

So where to start? Hmm? Well Valentine's Day was simply fabulous. We went to a Hockey game (it was my first professional sports game) with the boyfriend and we had an excellent time there. I really got into the game and was screaming and cheering and overall it was a blast. It also helped that the team won!! Yippie! So after we got home from the game we went back and got changed so we could go to dinner later that night. We went to a really nice restaurant and the food was really really good. They had specials for valentine's day and the boyfriend and I had wonderful conversation and had just simply the best time. He made me feel like a princess! :)

Move over to Sunday the day after and we did our normal routine. Went to church, came back to his house, changed, ate brunch, lifted weights, ab workout, then take the dog somewhere to go outside. (I sound like a fitness freak don't I?) We decided to go to a local state park. We walked around for a bit and then decided to run about a mile. I felt like dying since I hadn't ran in about a month. It was good however and I felt so much better afterwards. After that we decided to go on a hike before heading back to the car. We were hiking and almost to the end of the trail when I slipped in the mud(it was extremely muddy since the snow had melted) and tripped on a rock and went down. I was in severe pain and instantly starting crying. The boyfriend came over and tried to calm me down but I was in such pain that I couldn't stop. He carried me down the rest of the mountain (what a prince charming) me sobbing the whole way down and got me in the car. I went back to his house where his parents said that I needed to go to the hospital. So the boyfriend and me went to the hospital where they did x-rays and whatnot and learned that I sprained my ankle badly. I was put in crutches and an air cast and told to stay off of it for the next 3 days. Move over to today and I'm still in some pain and it's still swollen so I have to go call the doctor and get it checked out. Pray that I just need to rest it more!

I have been going through a variety of difficult things in the month of February. I'm not going to go into all the details of everything but please pray for my family and for me to be able to deal with everything going on. To give you some insight into what has happened here is a recap of some things:

  • The boyfriend turned 25 on the 17th (this is not bad however I just wanted to share!)
  • Ankle Injury
  • Mother found out she has two tiny brain aneurysms. Both are 2 mm's each so they don't operate they just monitor.
  • Brother has been in a group therapy home and has been acting up for the last 2 months. The 26th was his birthday. After we left him he got into trouble and was arrested for riding in a stolen vehicle. Side note: My brother has bipolar disorder along with other mental health issues. He has been in group homes since he was 13 and is now 19. He doesn't have the mind of a 19 yr old but the mind of a 10 yr old. His hearing is soon and hopefully he learns his lesson.
  • The boyfriend has been trying to get out of his sales job forever now and keeps looking but nothing is coming up. We would love to move but right now the opportunity isn't there. We keep praying and I keep praying that soon he will find a job he loves. He tries out Saturday to be a cop in a local township.
  • The stress of everything has been overwhelming and at times I have been very snappy and rude to the ones I love especially the boyfriend. He is doing an amazing job listening to me and helping me out with everything. We are going strong however I need to be more patient and understanding knowing that he isn't the "bad guy".
So those are some things that are going on in my life that have been very hard on me and the family. Please pray for all of us and that the grace of god will protect us and lead us in the right directions.