Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Get to Know Me

Hi All!! Well this is my first blog entry here. I decided to come and join the blogging family and keep everyone I know and some of you that don't know me updated on my plans for moving to NYC and fulfilling my dreams of Broadway and acting coming to life. I guess some of you should get to know me first. After all if you are going to read my daily or weekly occurrences on here you might as well get the background of me. So anyway, where to begin? Well to start off my name is Sarah and I hail from a small town located outside of the capital of Pennsylvania. I've been acting ever since I was born, literally. My first stage production was playing baby Jesus at my church's Christmas play. Man I was a great baby Jesus. (LOL j/k) One thing you should get to know about me is that I love to laugh. I'm sure as the weeks ahead and blogs ahead you'll get the LOL's or the Haha's. I'm a big goofball and laugh constantly. If only you all could hear it then it would make much more sense. I'm for the most part outgoing, nice, easy to get along and love living my life. I take each day and try to live it up and make the most of it. For me acting has always been my passion. I feel alive when I'm up on stage. I think about it constanly and memorize each and every line from my favorite productions and songs. I'm constanly singing and dancing. I can't really dance all that great but I can sing and act. I'm pretty strong in those areas so I'm trying really hard to perfect some sweet dance moves. :) I have been away from the stage and acting for almost 2 1/2 years now. Due to some family health problems with my parents and going to school I was unable to really pursue anything during that time. I miss it terribly. I had one of the Ah-ha moments a year ago when I kept thinking why am I doing this crummy job when I know what I want to do. From that moment on I knew that I had to do this. This is what I was meant to do. My life is crazy and there is never a dull moment but I wouldn't have it any other way.
Right now I work at a boring old 9-5 job. It is pretty just another job for the meantime and it helps pay the bills while I tone up on the acting, singing, dancing chops. I plan to move to New York City next year and pursue my dreams of acting. I will be on Broadway someday. It will happen. There is no if it it is when. Until then I'm auditioning like crazy, singing all the time and practicing non-stop for productions in the area and getting ready for the big move next year. This year I plan to do total preparation. I want to be the best at acting, singing and dancing and to perfect that I am working my butt off right now.

Well enough about me. You all will get to see the inside scoop in the weeks to come when I'm endlessly talking about something that relates to myself. LOL. I hope that you all enjoy my journeys as I write about them and help to inspire me when the going gets tough. Can't wait to hear from all of you out there in cyberland. See ya on the flip side. (*Okay that was really lame but I had to say it*)

Love Always, Sarah