Monday, September 15, 2008


So I took this picture the other day while I was pumping gas. Don't you just love it? It made me laugh so hard. While I do not take the train into work I do park and take a bus/trolly over to my building and boy do I know the days while I'm putting on makeup or I still feel all dishelved. Is that a word? I might be using it in the wrong context but seriously sometimes I'm a mess in the mornings.
I am not a morning person. I mean I use to be so I guess sometime I am? I don't know. I am such a night owl that I will be up till 3 AM in the morning and not have a problem. No seriously I hate waking up so darn early. I love to sleep to the very last minute. And when I mean last minute I mean every single last minute. I wake up, put my contacts in, wash face, brush teeth, shower if I haven't done that at night, put on limited makeup and figure out what to wear. I do this all in like 15 minutes. It's a miracle that I seem to get ready in that time and I manage to make the bus. Ok, ok well sometimes and more than one occassion I have overslept and been late to work but its pretty rare that it happens. Damn alarm clocks and cell phones that seem to magically turn off at 6:00 AM! LOL. Since I wake up at the last minute I sometimes look like a freaking mess. I mean I carry my makeup and hairbrush into work so I can look all professional once I get into my building but I sometimes wonder if the people on the bus think I'm some crazy lady who can't seem to figure out what to do in the mornings! LOL. Oh my. I'm am such a mess but thats just how I roll. I can go on about 3 hours of sleep a night but I just hate hate waking up so early. If I worked at say like 10 I would be ready but not at 7 in the morning. I can do it I just hate it. Ahh...I'm trying to get some more sleep and wake up at least an hour early but so far it hasn't worked. I'm trying and I'm going to keep trying but at the moment I just can't do it.
I know I'm not the only one who has this problem. Is there anyone out there who has some great suggestions because I would love to hear from you all and see what your stories are and if you have any suggestions on how to fall asleep when I'm such a night owl and still look oh so fab in the mornings. Can't wait to hear from you all.