Saturday, November 8, 2008


So the weekend is finally here! Thank god! It's been such a long, stressful week at work that I'm ready for the weekend. Unfortunately the boyfriend just got a new job and is working overnight tonight so I'm bored sitting at the apartment. I was supposed to go out with friends but those plans changed so yeah I'm doing dishes, listening to music and blogging!

I don't have much to talk about tonight but I just want to say that I am in incrediably love with my boyfriend and that each and everday I just love him more and more. He is the best thing to happen to me but ya'll can hear about that some other time. Just have some many feelings tonight and I am just so incrediably happy. I'm so happy with my life right now that I just had to put that out there. Sometimes the feelings for him take over and I am just gushing ear to ear about him. He honestly is amazing so I just needed to say that.

So this weekend, well this weekend is probably going to be pretty boring. Obviously tonight I'm sitting at home watching tv, singing, dishes, listening to music and blogging. Tomorrow will probably be the same thing as tonight but I think I'm going to sing in my "studio" at my mom's house and get some demo tracks started. I really need to work on getting something together but I'm so busy almost all the time that I never get much of a chance to record. So tomorrow will probably be that and then at night see the boyfriend. Sunday is of course church and then who knows what. I have work Monday but I'm off Tuesday so I'm pretty excited about that. What are your plans for the weekend? Got anything excited? I would love to hear from you all. :)

Well whatever your plans are just be safe and have fun. Have a lovely weekend!