Monday, April 27, 2009

Back to the Daily Grind

Hey Ya'll I'm back. How's everyone's Monday going? Mine is going good for the most part. It is gorgeous outside today and so sunny. I was outside for lunch and let me tell you that I so did not want to come back to work.

Since it is Monday and the weekend was just here let me do my little weekend recap.

On Friday I went for a walk with my friend S after work. We walked all around a local state park and it was so much fun. The weather was just perfect for hiking/walking. After my walk, I went the the boyfreind to eat at a newer resturarunt. Our food was so delicious and oh so yummy! We then decided to hit up some hot spots with his friend and me and we had a good old time just talking and laughing.

Saturday I cleaned for a little and then went shopping for a bit. I picked up a really cute dress that was only $5.00 dollars and got my cousin's soon to be daughter some really cute baby clothes. Oh how I love baby shopping especially for little girls. Little girls dresses, purses, socks, shoes, etc are so adorable. Not to say that little boys aren't but girls are just so darn cute! After shopping I quickly got dressed and went over to the boyfriend's house. We had tickets to see the Sauce Boss. Basically it's a guy who sings and makes gumbo while he is singing. He also gives out gumbo to the homeless when he isn't working which is pretty awesome. It was pretty cool and we had a lot of fun dancing. It was also a plus that I got to wear my new $5.00 dollar dress and got to sip on Strawberry Daiquiris all night long! Oh so yummy!

Sunday I spring cleaned for hours on end and then got ready to go to my cousin's baby shower. She is having a little girl this time (hence why I got little girl's dresses). It was a lot of fun. The entire house was decorated in pink and the food was soooo good. I serioulsy couldn't stop myself from eating. Serioulsy cucumber finger sandwiches are the bomb and so are mini turkey and cheese sandwiches. (Yes I said the bomb. I knoiw that is like so 90's but that's just how I roll). I really needed to stop because that won't be good for my Weight Watchers meeting on Tuesday night. LOL. After the baby shower I got ready to go walking with my walking team from Weight Watchers. We walked for a mile and a half and then after I got home I decided to run for the first time since I hurt my ankle. I ran only about a half of a mile but it was really good for me to do and seemed like a great end to my day. If only the boyfriend could have seen me go, he would have been so proud. The boyfriend left Sunday to go Turkey hunting for a few days with his dad. He'll be back on Wednesday but I'm missing him still. :(

Today I'm back to the daily grind of work. This week I work close to 57 hours. I work close to 40 hours at my full time job and then on Saturday I work 12-16 hours for my part time job. Pray that I make it and don't quit before I even start. I so want to quit. I really don't want to be working this much and especially working that long of hours on Saturday. Plus this Saturday Jon and Kate (Plus 8) will be here locally visiting with folks in the area. (yes they already live extremely close to me but I serioulsy want to meet them) Since I'm working :( I won't be able to see them. BOOOOOO!

And before I leave you all, I want to share a story with you:

This morning I walking to work like I normally do and when I got close to my building I noticed two large "rock star" busses. Since this concert hall is right across the street I figured the band and everything was already inside warming up but then I noticed a guy sitting on the sidewalking texting on his phone. I kept thinking he looked familiar but I didn't make much bother than that. I just thought he was a bus driver or something taking a break after driving for hours. After lunch I was reading the local newspaper online and read that THIRD EYE BLIND is diong the concert tonight. Yeah so I totally saw the one guy from there. Bummer that I didn't get a pic with him or get his autograph. Oh well but I think it's still pretty neat. I'm not a HUGE into their music but I do know some. I don't know the guy's name but I have a picture that I snagged from Google. Below is the guy taht I saw this morning (he's the one at the top with the blonde highlights):

Hope you enjoyed my story of seeing a famous person. LOL. It's rare that you would see rock stars in PA (well I see one every so often, the boyfriend has a friend who is kinda/moving up famous) so I'm a little stoked.

Have a GREAT day and enjoy the weather if it nice out where you live. Lots of Love, Sarah