Thursday, June 25, 2009

Weight Loss

So I was thinking the other day that I haven't posted much on here about my weight loss efforts but I guess now is a good time more than ever to go into that I guess.

So here goes my story:

In 2005 I graduated high school and then moved onto to college. I went to a local college but I still gained the freshman 15 or more like 25 through my one and a half years of college. (I left college to tend to sick parents) When I was in school and transitioning into a full time job I was dating a boy named D (real name is not d). D was very skinny and could basically eat anything his little heart
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desired. He has just gotten out of the army and so he was in good shape but he was SKINNY. I mean like super skinny. Any who we would always hang out at his house and just watch TV. It was pretty boring and all we ate was Pizza Hut Personal Pan Pizzas w/ Pepperoni and Ranch Dip. Yeah sounds awesome doesn't it? No wonder I gained so much weight. Since we didn't move out of his house very often there was little exercise going on. I didn't burn off any of the weight because all I did was go to class, eat,drive over to the convenience store and get Pizza, drive over to D's house, eat the pizza, and watch TV. Yeah life was pretty boring. When I moved into my full time job I was so excited that there was so many fast food options around me that I ate pretty much fast food every single day at work. Gained some more weight. By the time I had gotten my full time job (2007)and was settling in, D and I had begun to fight and we broke up. After almost 2 years of dating I decided that I needed to do things my way and take care of myself. It took a while for me to take care of myself but I slowly but surly started working out after work and trying to eat more healthy. The weight didn't come off partly because I wasn't still eating right and I was losing my will to exercise.

Then in 2008 I decided that I needed to make a change. I made the resolution that I would lose the weight and be more healthy. So on April 1, 2008 I joined Weight Watchers. A decision that would make the most impact on my life and change my life forever. I started to lose weight and it felt really really good. I was becoming more confident and I was feeling better than ever. In July 2008 I met my now wonderful boyfriend. I met him a day after I had moved into my new apartment and started living on my own. I started losing weight, was active, had a new apartment, and had a wonderful new boyfriend. I now realize that joining Weight Watchers opened so many doors for me that for a long time I had seen closed. I didn't think I was going to be able to find anyone for a long time, I didn't think I would be as active for a while, and I didn't see myself moving out for awhile. Weight Watchers changed my perspective on life. I was able to live life and go out and do things.

The boyfriend is an exercise nut. Seriously he is and he pushes me so much to always do better and be the best I can be. Part of my love of "exercise" now is because of him. I love hiking now outdoors, I found a new love of swimming, I fell back in love with biking, etc. He is skinny w/ lots of muscles :) and can eat anything too but he is extremely healthy and actually likes moving around more than D did. I just have to remember that I do not look like the boyfriend and we do not have the same metabolism so therefore I should not eat all foods that he eats.

So far with Weight Watchers I have lose 42.4 lbs. That is some serious weight loss. I have done extremely well so far however these past few months have been extremely hard to lose the last 25 pounds. I have maintained my weight or have either gone up or down and then stayed the same weeks from then. Finally I'm starting to get back on the wagon and get down to serious business. I'm tracking everything I eat again and working out more than I usually do.(I usually work out 3 times a week, now I'm working out every single day) It's feeling really good and soon I'm hoping that I will be down to my goal weight. Hopefully soon I can announce that I'm down for good.

I know that it's a tough road and a road I don't always like but this changed my life and I don't ever want it to go away.

*just a little story to share with all of you*