Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Recap of Easter

I promised you all yesterday that I would recap you on the weekend events. So without further ado:

Well Friday night I went with the boyfriend and his mom to their church for Good Friday Service. The service was wonderful and very nice. It was the first time I went to Good Friday Service. My church doesn't do one. They do theirs on Wednesday night services but we never went to them. I'm happy that I went and I got a lot out of it. After going to Church we decided to go out and have a drink or two at a local bar. We sat and talked and had a lot of fun. It was nice just to relax.

Saturday I slept till about noon until the boyfriend called and asked me if I wanted to come over dye eggs. Of course I said yes. :) It was so great to finally be able to sleep for a long period of time. Lately I have been sooooo sleep deprived that all I wanted to was sleep for even 5 minutes. I went over to his house and we dyed the eggs. Before the egg dying he had a note for me that was from E.B. I opened the letter and read aloud the contents and realized it was from the Eater Bunny (E.B.). I was instructed to go on a scavenger hunt finding clues along the way. I went and found all the notes(they were cleverly hidden, one in the fridge with a half eaten carrot made to look like a bunny ate it, and one even on his dog's collar) I finally found the basket after like 20 minutes of searching. It was beautiful and really well displayed. I figured his mom had to have helped but really she had no clue about it so that was even extra point for boyfriend. In the basket it had chocolates of course, the movie Mamma Mia(I just went to NYC to see the Broadway play), a kitchen towel that has something along the lines of Put the chocolate in the bad and no one will get hurt, jelly beans, gum, hand lotion that smells like Chocolate Dipped Strawberry and more chocolate. It was SO incredibly sweet of him to do. I almost was in tears. The amount of time it took him to do that and for him to write out all those notes even as far as going to bite a carrot to make it look like a rabbit and attaching a note to his dog was so awesome. I was blown away and really couldn't have asked for anything better than that. It was one of the sweetest things ever. His notes were so cleverly written. I'll have to share them with you when I have time.

Anyways moving back onto the eggs, I had forgotten how to dye them and totally got coloring on my fingers and then couldn't figure out why my eggs had white spots on them(I had been holding them there in the dye). Yea the boyfriend was all like you don't hold the eggs you just drop them in the dye if you want the entire egg dyed. I was like oh ok, wow I'm stupid. Yeah so after I started figuring out how to be less of an idiot we had tons of fun.

Aren't these eggs awesome! Too bad I don't eat hard boiled eggs but I love looking at them!

After the egg dyeing extravaganza we started to relax and then I decided to make some chocolate peanut butter eggs for our families. I got quickly to work and made double the recipe so there would be enough for each household. I made 48 eggs total however Pozy(boyfriends dog) ate two so really we had 50. While the eggs were freezing we grabbed my mom's dog Izzie and took Pozy and took them to a local park to run around in the nice weather. It was so much fun watching them and we all had a great time. After taking Izzie back home we went back to his house and I finished giving the eggs a chocolate bath. This was a little tricky but I got it down and we made it out the door just in time to pick up boyfriend's friend for late night bowling. Yes I didn't finished eggs until 10:45 at night when we got home at 8 from playing with the dogs. You can tell I'm tired right? So we went to this bowling alley and there was a waiting list. A waiting list to bowl? Yeah that's what I thought. They told us it would only be a few minutes but after an hour and a half we didn't think so and decided to bail and get some drinks. It was good to see boyfriend's friend and we all had a good time just hanging out and

Sunday was just wonderful. Easter Day!! Well normally I go with the boyfriend and his mom to their church but since my mom and brother wanted me to go their church the one I grew up in I went with them. The Church was PACKED. My Church is kinda like one of those churches you see on TV where they have all this high tech equipment and the sanctuary is HUGE. Yeah that's my Church. So now that I have painted a picture you can all guess that this church must have been crowded and packed if it is that HUGE. They had to have extra seats and everyone was scrunched in. I thought that was so wonderful that so many people had come to church to hear the word of god. Praise the Lord. The service was wonderful and really put me in the spirit. I guess really what put me in the Easter spirit was Friday night for Good Friday. After the service we went back to my mom's house and had Easter baskets! :) We then went with my aunt and her family to a local restaurant and had Easter brunch. The food was okay but I wanted more home style meals. After eating we went back to my mom's again and just hung out there until we had to leave to pick up boyfriend and then go to my dad's side family's dinner. Dinner there was good not all meals that I normally like but still good. It was good to see my family and to catch up with them. By the end of the day I was exhausted but I had such a lovely weekend. I really feel in the spirit of god now and really want to be more active in church after this powerful and moving weekend. Hopefully I can find the time with everything else going on. I know God will give me the energy! :)

How was everyone else's weekend?

Lots of Love, Sarah

P.S. I got to watch the Passion of the Christ again last night with the boyfriend and man do I love that movie! Really good, if you haven't seen it do.