Monday, August 31, 2009

Baking Spree

Lately I have been on such a baking kick. I'm so not kidding you. Yes I've been busy but when I do get a chance I have been reading recipes like it's my full time job. I want to bake EVERYTHING I see. It's getting pretty bad.

Just the other day I was on Hungry Girl browsing around for different recipes and such and printed WAY too many recipes for dessert than I think a girl needs. So of course because I'm crazy I decided that after work I was going directly to the grocery store to stock up on my baking supplies for my new recipes. Let's just say that I shouldn't do this. I thought that while I was there I would just stock up on everything so that If I like the recipe I can make it over and over again without having to go to the grocery store. Needless to say I walked out of the grocery store with sets of 4 for every ingredient I need to make 1 recipe. I have no room for this ridiculous amount of ingredients. My kitchen right now looks like I am the grocery store!

Yesterday as I was waiting for B to get to my house I decided hey I should make something. So I took my W.W. Recipe Booklet that I created with all my favorite recipes and looked through them all. I was trying to find a recipe for a casserole or a side dish. Something I could make tonight that I can eat for tomorrow at lunch. Yeah so much for planning. It occurred to me that I have like 3 casserole recipes and maybe 1 side dish. The rest of my recipes are DESSERTS. You know you have a problem when you see TOO MANY DESSERTS in your recipe book. I just like baking more than cooking and I can bake pretty much anything in no time. Cooking on the other hand seems to take me countless hours and stresses me out more. I guess now I'm going to have to go back to Hungry Girl and actually look at recipes that might feed me at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

So what are you favorite things to make? Do you prefer baking to cooking or vice versa? I would love to know what your signature dishes are. So come on and comment and send me some of your most favorite recipes. I'll send ya some of mine if you do! It will be a recipe swap!


Classy Fab Sarah said...

I love love LOVE to bake. I bake cookies, cakes, and apple crisp (we call it apple betty) is my signature.

If you click over to my blog I have a recipe tab with some of my favorites... delicious!