Wednesday, September 2, 2009


The boyfriend has made a decision. A decision that is going to affect me and change our lives. He had decided to join the Navy Reserves.

It took a long time for him to come to this decision but I knew for some time now that he was going to join some kind of military I just didn't know what branch.

I have been thinking about writing this post for a few weeks but at the time I was too nervous for the unknown and was still a little emotional. In fact I still am but I'm definitely a lot better than I was.

He started the process of enlisting a week and a half ago. He is still waiting to get the final word but it should be Thursday or Monday.

Our lives are kinda put on hold right now. We can't plan much into the future because we don't know when he leaves for Boot Camp yet. We are jam packing everything we can into September because we don't know when we can do certain things. I know that when he does leave for Boot Camp that he will be gone around 2 and a half months. After he graduates he will be sent to a speciality school for about a month to 2 months. This all depends on what his job will be and we don't know that yet either. Depending on how much he likes it will determine if he wants to enlist full time into the Navy but who knows that yet either.

I'm such a planner. I plan so much of what I'm going to do in the coming weeks/months and for me not to know this is really testing me. I guess that's going to become my new life. The military is full of the unexpectedness and you basically have to go with the quote, "take each day one at a time".

At first I was nervous for us. I was nervous that he would go away and forget about me. He would want to break up with me because he couldn't remember me. I was reassured by him that he has no intentions of breaking up with me or losing me. He wants me around for the long haul. That makes me feel a lot better. I was also nervous for him. The unexpected is what is killing me the most. I'm scared that I'm going to go crazy not seeing him or talking to him for a few months. I'm scared in general.

Over the past few weeks friends have offered encouragement and B has made me feel comforted knowing that this will be a better future in the long haul, that he wants me there by his side through everything, and that everything will be just fine.

I'm still scared, nervous and excited for the new adventure.

So friends please offer your words of encouragement. Share your stories of how to get through all this if you are a military wife/girlfriend. I would really appreciate it. This is going to be extremely hard so I'm going to depend on my blog friends to help pull me through.