Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Hey All! Sorry its been so long since I updated. I have been super busy so I haven't had much time for myself to be on the Internet. So last we left off you all were waiting anxiously to hear if I got any part in the Sound of Music audition. (Yeah I know you guys weren't on the edge of your seats or anything but well I would like to think that ;-))Well needless to say I opened my email on Friday and had an email that was rejection of the audition. Oh well. Not the first and certainly not the last one. I thought it was quite weird how they gave me a word document of telling me that they were thankful I tried out but the part was not for me. It was strange. Any who, I'm busy looking at other auditions coming up here soon and a ton of auditions most likely in October. October is when they start to cast for upcoming Christmas productions and I think that might be fun to do. It definitely will be hectic with holiday things and rehearsing but I think it might be fun. After all my life is full of chaos all the time why should the holidays be any different? LOL.

I heard that they were making my favorite Broadway musical into a movie, WICKED! I'm super excited. Beyond excited. So once I heard the news I decided to Google to see if they were doing open auditions for the lead characters or any character for that matter. To my surprise I believe they are going to have a reality show to find the next Elphie. I was okay cool I could handle that but then I found of they already started it. I'm not sure if this for the movie or just for a tour of the musical but I was still devastated that I had missed it. I keep Googling(if that is even a word?) every chance I get to see if they have announced any open auditions.

Also American Idol is coming somewhat close to my town on August 24-26. My boyfriend really wants me to try out but I'm not completely convinced. I mean to me my dream is to act, sing and dance and while you somewhat do that on Idol I kinda feel like I would be selling myself short. I mean yes some Idol contestants have gone on to do Broadway eventually but I want to do Broadway and only Broadway. Movies and TV would be great to. Ultimately those Idols who go onto to Broadway really just love the act of singing not involving Acting and Dancing. I love all three and if I just make myself known for one at this point in my career then I feel like I would be cutting myself short of amazing possibilities ahead. The former Idols well most of them don't take the beloved stage seriously (look at Fantasia Barrino who barely showed up the nights she was supposed to be on the stage.) I will admit though that is seems that Clay Aiken has done pretty well on Broadway and I just saw Tamyra Gray as Mimi in Rent. She was fantastic but I still thought she wasn't as ready as she could have been to play Mimi. Still I'm a little skeptical about auditioning for Idol. I don't know honestly what I'm going to do. I guess I'll let you guys know eventually. :)

I found a vocal coach in my hometown so I'm going to be working with him to get my vocals chords up to par. I need them strengthen badly. Even though I sing every single day for almost an hour and a half each day I still feel like I need work on them. I want to get my range to progress as well so I'm really looking forward to meeting with him and seeing all he can offer me. From what I have read in reviews about him he seems pretty good and has been teaching voice for something like 50 years. I also heard that he has a recording studio in his house so maybe just maybe I could get a demo CD in the making! :)

I also found a dance studio for adults in my area. They have a performance one and a non-performance one for adults and I think I'm going to do non-performance that way I can just educate myself more on dancing then actually perfecting something for a performance. After all if I'm in a musical or play there would be no way I would be able to rehearse for a dance recital too. That would be a little too much to take on. I mean I could do it but then I would have to maybe invest in a personal assistant to keep me on track or a blackberry. Both are in no way going to happen so I need to take on what I can handle on my own.

A lot of people forget that I have a full time job, do charities occasionally, look up for auditions, rehearse for auditions, practice, starting vocal class, starting dance lessons and I do all that why balancing a somewhat normal social life if you even want to qualify it as that. Oh and did I mention cleaning my apartment, grocery shopping, paying bills you know the daily living things?
Yes my life is crazy but honestly I wouldn't have it any other way. It's kind of the only way I know how to function. I get about 3-4 hours of sleep a night. To some of you I'm sure you couldn't function. I feel fine most of the time. It only hurts me when I'm run down for running myself in too many directions during certain weeks. This schedule of my crazy life is maybe the reason why I feel so at peace in New York City. I hear so many people always complaining of how they can't stand the city life and that is just so stressful. When I'm there I feel at peace not completely calming peace but I feel at home. All the hustle and bustle of the city is just great to me and I honestly love it there. I can't wait to live there to see the beauty of the city everyday and to experience all of what life has to offer me there. I just can not wait.
Well I think I posted a long enough blog today for all of you to keep reading forever. LOL. Hope you all have a great day.
Love Always,