Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sing for me

So I'm back from the audition. It was completely crazy. I got there and they were still auditioning the children. They didn't get to the adults until about 45 minutes after they were supposed to. They said there was 750 children that came to audition!! Can you believe that? That is completely crazy!!!

Anyway, the casting directors decided that we would all sing first then on to dance and then to reading. Well I was #4 to sing. I have no musical talent whatsoever besides singing I can't play any instrument. Therefore I had no idea the song that I was singing what note it was on the piano so I screwed up the first time and then I was able to sing again. I was so confused with the key that the pianist just played the first note and then I sang acapella. I think I did okay but it wasn't the best. I def. could have done better. I was an octave higher than I wanted to be for that type of song. So after all of that they went into the green room and talked and what not. They decided that since all of the children that came to audition that they were just going to have people that were on a list come back on Monday to read through and dance. So my name wasn't on the list but that doesn't mean that I didn't get some part. I didn't' get a lead part but I could be a nun. I hope I'm something because I need to work as an actress soon. So hopefully by either Tuesday night or Wednesday night I'll hear something. It wasn't the best audition but it def was a step in the right direction and was a lot better than the audition I had 2 weeks ago. I'll let ya all know what I hear. Wish me luck. Till then, Love Always, Sarah