Thursday, August 14, 2008

Let Me Get This Straight

Let me just state this right now in the open:
This is me simply stating my thoughts, ideas, opinions, and whatever else I want to write about. Sometimes my facts might not be all that right or stated in my blog but they are pretty close to right and I speak my mind freely of what I'm feeling. If you don't like them, then don't read. Don't bother putting down nasty comments or whatever. It's a waste of your time and mind.

On that note I would just like to state that yes Fantasia did have a tumor in her throat but she should have come out and said that once she really knew what was going on. A lot of people didn't know about it when she was missing show dates and what not. People are early to judge including me and it just doesn't look good when you don't show up. A rep. for her or someone should have come out and said it right away then waiting months to come out and say what was going on. It just would of cleared up some rumors and maybe the people's perception of her would have been different from the start. That's all I'm saying on the issue.

Moving on, lately I have been feeling like I'm stuck. I just feel like I'm not doing much work as an actress. I feel like I'm stuck here doing the same old thing day in and day out. In all reality I'm working my butt off with researching and going to auditions and singing and prepping myself. I feel like I'm working all the time but at the moment I have nothing to show for it. I know that it takes a lot of hard work and I'm doing that and to just wait for the right timing. I'm just feeling so down about it currently. Oh well, I just have to keep my hopes up high and know that something will come along when the timing is right.

Til next time....