Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Lil' Update

So I couldn't get my car on Tuesday like I had hoped. The salesman called and said that the mechanic had called off sick and hadn't finished putting in a part for me. So I was supposed to pick up the car tonight and well it snowed like crazy so I couldn't go and pick up the car also the salesman called and the mechanic was off sick again today. So I am a little frustrated to say the least but I'm hoping that I can pick up the new car tomorrow. I can't wait to take the new bug on the road and take the boyfriend around town!!

In other news, I am feeling like crap physically. I have a sore throat, sometimes an ear ache and my voice is very scratchy. I'm so tired because I haven't sleep good since I can't breath with my throat feeling like it is closing up. AHH...I hope that I start feeling better.

Lately I feel like I haven't worked out much. Besides hiking in the snow and sledding this past weekend my workouts have almost come to a complete halt. I feel completely gross and feel so frustrated. I'm working really hard this week to watch what I eat and to track it all and to not overeat. So far its working better than I thought and its going pretty good. Since it's sleeting out and there is snow on the ground I couldn't run outside or do anything so I decided to do my workout in the apartment. I did my weightlifting with the weights my thoughtful bf got me for Christmas, ab workout, leg stretches, toned, and danced/jogged around the room for about 10 minutes until I realized that I might have taken it a little too far. I'm pretty proud of myself for trying to get back into the swing of things and hopefully I can keep it up. I have the last 20 lbs to lose by April I hope because I want to fit into a bikini for the summer. Hopefully everything will work out and I can keep up the routine.