Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy 2009

Hey Everyone! I know that I say I'm always sorry for not blogging but I am sorry! I literally am so busy these days that I just don't have time anymore.

So on that note..moving on. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! How did everyone's new year's eve celebrations go? Mine was excellent and a lot of fun. Met some new people, went to a new city, spent time with the boyfriend who makes me so completely happy, drank for extremely cheap, and had good food. Bad side: The following morning! Oh well only happens once a year right?

Anyways on the way back from what seemed to be an entirety yesterday (hence because I was still feel lovely at 12 PM) my boyfriend asked me what my new years resolutions would be. Honestly I hadn't even thought of any. Last year I had a lot that I wanted to accomplish. I wanted to lose weight, move out on my own, get a good job, make more money than before, gain more independence and hopefully find someone to be with. I actually completed ever single one. I lost a great amount of weight and still losing (I wasn't that big to begin with but needed to lose a good 50 lbs or so, yes I know that sounds like a lot but I didn't look huge), I moved out on my own to my studio apartment in July, I got a promotion my first day at my new job so more money, I definitely gained more independence and more confidence in myself, and I met the love of my life. Pretty good year in all I would have to say! :)

I couldn't really give him an answer as to what my new resolutions would be. I just wanted to lose some more weight and that was about it. It bugged me yesterday that I didn't know what I wanted to accomplish this year. After all I'm a planner so why hadn't I planned on what I wanted to do in the new year? Any who I thought and thought and now I had a list of what I would like to accomplish this year.

Without further ado here is the New Year's Resolutions (this is a short list):

1. Lose more weight. I only have about 20 or so more lbs. to go and then I will be at my goal weight with Weight Watchers.

2. Gain some financial independence. I got 2 credit cards this past year and although I like to think that I'm super smart and know what to do all the time this wasn't the case with the credit cards. Mind you I didn't go all over crazy and max them out. However I did go a little bit too crazy and kinda sorta thought that it was like a gift card of free money. I now know that it is not in fact free money it is MONEY and I have very little of it. Cancel the credit cards and pay of the balance! I also want to have enough money where I feel like I can survive for 2 weeks not worrying if I'll have enough to pay all the bills, etc. I need a nest egg like I had when I lived at home. I know need a new one and I need to keep it all there. Times are though and I don't think they will get any easier in the months to come.

3. Get more organized. I would like to think that my hip studio apartment is all the rage and that my friends are all jealous of my apartment and how awesome it is. Actually they all do think its awesome and so cute but it needs to be better organized. I live in a studio apartment. I don't have much room so I need to figure out what to do with all the purses, shoes, clothes that I have and that I will buy in the future. I'm going crazy in the tiny space that I have and I need to make the most of it. I can't afford to have anything on the floor that doesn't need to be there. Step 1 research how to make this work. Step 2 go out to the store with mom and get tools to fix this problem.

4. The Boyfriend and I to still be great and going strong. I love him so much! I pray that this relationship can be all that it can be. That we can be so happy with each other, that we continue to love each other and that the love grows, and then when things get hard that we always work out the trouble spots. I have a great feeling that this relationship will be great in 2009 and the years to come. I love him so much and I can't wait to begin this new year with him. I pray everyday for us to still be great as we are now and that this will turn out to be a forever thing and that it just goes so well.

5. Stay happy. I am so incredibly happy at this moment and in my life right now. I actually feel on top of the world. I want to maintain that feeling of happiness throughout the whole year. I know that you can't be insanely happy all the time but I want to be for a majority of the year. (Let's say 97 % of the time) This year is going to be a great, exciting year filled with a ton of adventures and I want to be happy along the way with it all.

6. Cook more. WAY MORE! I rarely cook and I really need to figure all of that out and start cooking. I have so many recipes that I would love to try but it's rather stupid to cook up all these meals for only one person. It's rare that the boyfriend and I get to eat together for dinner. I usually see him after dinner or something. I told him yesterday that I am going to cook more and that he better be over to eat the great dinners that this master chef is going to make. LOL. I know that if we live together in a few months or whatever that he is going to want to have meals, home cooked meals so I better get a move on it. LOL. Wish me luck.

Well here's the list. Not a lot of things but some things that I really need to do. I hope everyone has a wonderful 2009 and that the new year brings lots of happiness, laughter, and love along your way.