Monday, January 12, 2009

Busy Busy Weekends

The past few weekends have been so crazy insane. Since Christmas Eve the boyfriend and I have been insanely busy. From 8 dinners to just jammed packed weekends we have been going non-stop. Not that I mind it but its just crazy to think of everything we have done in a month!

This weekend was none less than busy. First on Friday, my friend S, the boyfriend, and me went to eat at a really good Italian place. (*It was supposed to be girls night but then S said that I could invite the boyfriend and his friend*The boyfriend has been trying to hook these two up for quite some time now and I think she finally is starting to like the friend) So low and behold the boyfriend and his friend were going to go but his friend had to work so the boyfriend just came to eat with us. After that we went downtown with another one of his friends and had a few drinks, partied it up and then decided to go and drive around and then eat. Boy was it a fun night. Much needed night out and we were celebrating the boyfriends first week of the new job he started! I'm so proud of him. He even made a sale his first week!! :)

So onto Saturday. Well since my car is dunzo (more on that later) my mom had to come and pick me up so I could go take care of my Aunt's animals (pet sitting this weekend too) and then take me to the grocery store. After that I had to hurry back home and get ready to go to a Jimmy Buffet Parrot Head Club Christmas Party. I know it's January but that was the only time to fit it in. We wore some fun Hawaiian things and it was so much fun. We even won a liquor dispenser. It's pretty awesome!! We were out at the party for about 5 hours and it was so much fun. More fun that I could have imagined.

My dress that I wore: (The pic is a lil blurry)
Onto Sunday. Well Sunday we went to church as usual and then after that we drove over to my Aunt's to take care of the animals again. Then we decided to go to our state's 93rd Annual Farm Show. First off I go there every year. It is a tradition of mine just like many other people in my state. The boyfriend and I love to go to fairs, carnivals, shows, etc. You name it we are there. We love the atmosphere and especially the food. Well if you don't know I'm on Weight Watchers and I have been since April. (I'll tell you all more later) Anyway I can not control myself at these things. I think in my head that they are only for a short time one time a year and life isn't life if you restrict yourself from everything. So I eat really really good fried food when I'm at these things. Anyway, back to my story. Sunday we went to the Farm Show. So. Much. Fun. Seriously. I love animals. I love looking at them and petting them. We just had an incredible time at the show and want to go back before its over. I'm not even talking about the food yet. The Food? Seriously amazing. It's all done by local farmers such as the Dairy Farmers, Meat, Fish, Etc. so you really are supporting the state and the farmers that grow/raise the products. Let me just say that in total we had French Fries, Cheese Cubes, 3 Hot Dogs, Turkey Sandwich, Whoopie Pie, and a Chocolate Milk Shake. I did alright. I had things in moderation but still we had a lot. They also had free Wine Tasting from local Wineries in the area and that was pretty fun to do too. We have been talking about going on a tour of Wineries and tasting because we aren't big into wine but we thought it would be something different to do then just the normal things. My work is offering free rides to the show this week during lunch and I'm pretty sure I will have to go back and get some more food. Also it is a must that we go back and see more animals and well let's face it get more food. LOL.

I'm pretty sure that I'm going to have to workout hardcore tonight to burn off everything but I did ride the stationary bike for 1.5 miles, lift weights and dance like no tomorrow on Saturday. Hopefully I'll be okay for my next weigh-in.

Till next time,