Friday, March 6, 2009


Okay I know that the title of my post sounds kinda sorta gross but I don't mean it to be. Really I don't mean for it to sound gross, so get your heads out of the gutters. :)

I am talking about stupid bosses, co-workers, and jobs. They can all SUCK-IT!! My boyfriend has worked at a sales job for the past 4 months selling Uniforms, Rugs, Towels, ETC. He has made plenty of sales but not a ton because of the way the economy is right now. A lot of people could care less about floor mats and more about how they are going to pay their employees. The boyfriend's company let's call them Greedy Lawyers have all these really stupid rules. He has to go to 30 new businesses each day and each time he makes a sale he doesn't see commission on that sale for like 2-3 months. (He has yet to see commission for anything he has sold) This is bullshit in my opinion and is downright shady. He also has to call his boss each night to report about the day (she rides with him at least 2 times a week,she knows about his day), fax all these sheets to the company headquarters, and research on where he will go the following day. A few weeks ago they cut his pay in half to where no one could survive on that kind of salary. Let's just say that McDonald's employees are making more than him. He isn't getting health care and now he is getting paid squat. The only good thing is they reimburse for mileage and gas. However those take awhile to see too.

The boyfriend hates this job and wants to find a new one but right now it's hard. He found out about a Police Officer position and so he has been studying all this past week because he takes the 1st round of tests on Saturday.

So today boyfriend calls me at 9:30 AM (he gets to work at 7:30 AM) sounding really upset almost to the point of crying to tell me that they fired him or laid him off because his sales numbers weren't' what they were supposed to be for starting out. WHAT THE HECK?? ARE YOU SERIOUS? Boyfriend has made at least 7 sales that were huge for corporations in the past 4 months and he hasn't made enough. You have guys working with him that haven't made any sales in MONTHS and you lay off this guy? WHAT THE F? Also to make it more awesome one sales guy is in jail because get this, he was driving with a suspended license and the reason he was found out is because he had a DUI and another one so he's in jail because he can't make bail. So that guy isn't fired yet he is just on "vacation"! What a bunch of messed up crap.At least the boyfriend has a few positions that he is applying for and has the first round tomorrow for the Police Officer. I just kept trying to remind him that another door will open soon. He's worked really hard studying for this test that I just know he has to Ace it.

Wish him and I luck that he finds a new, better job soon.

To the horrible jobs, you all can SUCK IT!!

On that lovely note, I hope everyone has a nice weekend. Love ya all!
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littlesack said...

thanks for stopping by. that sitch with boyfriend sounds awful. I just graduated college and all of my friends have been having horrible times finding appropriate employment, so I understand your and your boyfriend's pain. I hope things start to look up for him.