Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The boyfriend had his police officer test on Saturday morning. He had to get at least a 70 to pass the written portion to move on to the physical part and he PASSED. So next he moved on to the physical part and PASSED with flying colors. He out shined everyone and was #1 in the entire group. Out of more than 200 people that showed up he was #1!! I'm so proud of him. He really worked hard studying to make sure he could get this test and he passed. So next he moves on to filling out applications for the 3 different offices he could potentially work at. After he fills them out hopefully he gets interviews and they go from there. I'm so excited and proud of him and I believe that this could be the start of something great for him and I. :)

Our weekend was busy like usual but never less fun. On Friday I wasn't supposed to see him but since he was down about the job and everything I decided to come over and watch a movie with him and relax. On Saturday I cleaned all day and basically sat around till about 5 when I went out to dinner with the boyfriend's family. It was his grandfather's birthday so the entire family came out to a restaurant and it was a good time. After that we hit up a local bar before we headed to a Comedy Show. I met up with my friend, let's call her K there and the boyfriend's friend was along too. Out of the blue I saw someone I hadn't seen in years. We'll call her T. I was friends with T for years but she moved and we lost touch. I couldn't believe that I saw her and so we caught up and now have numbers so we can hang out again! I'm so excited about that. I never see anyone that I know when I'm out so it was great to see an old friend.

The Comedy Show was awesome. I know the girl who sells the tickets for the show because she is the little sister of one of my friends. The place was packed and she was getting annoyed with everyone that she just decided to comp. our tickets so we got in FREE to the show. Also the best part...Front row seats right on the stage. Freaking Awesome! It pays to know the right people. The show was funny and we had a few drinks which helped but it was hilarious. I have only been there once before but each time they are funny and don't disappoint. I'll show you guys all the pictures when I finally get them back from K.

After we got done with the show, K decided to part ways but the boyfriend, his friend and I decided to hit another bar and just chill out. I met up with my cousin who is the bouncer for the bar and we had a great time. We had a few Dirty Girl Scout Shots and had a few drinks. If you haven't had the Dirty Girl Scouts you are missing out. These things taste just like Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream. You can't taste the alcohol in them and they are so yummy. Be careful because if you order too much of them you will start feeling it though. LOL. Just a little information the next time you are out. I almost always get this shot and love it each time.

Sunday was daylight savings time so that threw me off but I did end up exercising and cleaning the apartment so overall that was a pretty productive day. We went out to eat at night to a new restaurant. Don't you love trying new places out? I know I do. Anyways this place was pretty cool. It looked like a neighborhood and looked like you were in a Fire Department as well. I know I'm not good at describing this but it really was awesome. They also had these huge bottles of Vodka and other liquors that were emptied but were once used for the bar itself. Very cool place. After that we just hung out for the rest of the day and played Mario Party.

Overall it was a great weekend full of fun. How was everyone weekend?

*Photos taken from Google Images*