Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

So it's another Monday so you know what that means, The Weekend Wrap-Up.

Friday night I went grocery shopping at Target and got some incredible deals there and used my gift card to pay for the entire amount so it was definitely great to be able to shop there. After I went shopping I decided to get the rest of my ingredients that I needed to make my recipes for next week. I saved tons of money at the grocery store too. Very excited. Seeing as how my checking account has $1.00 in it till Friday I needed to save as much money as possible. Very excited. I went home and made this amazing recipe that I found on $5 Dollar Dinners. If you haven't been to that site, you MUST go now. Seriously amazing. No, no one is paying me to say anything or gush about it. I seriously am in love with this website. Although in Pennsylvania I can't find meat that is cheap I still learn how to plan healthy delicious meals for under let's say $8.00 in PA. It might be $5.00 there but it's $8.00 here, and well that's okay with me. I've been getting into cooking more and getting more ideas and so when I ran across this website I knew it was a match made in heaven. Anyways let's move on. :)

Saturday was such an awesome day. The boyfriend signed him and I up for PAWS-Abilities on Saturday and asked me to bring my mom's dog Izzie. Izzie goes on play "dates" with boyfriend's dog Pozy and so it was natural for us to bring our dogs to play with other dogs and see all the cool things at the event. PAWS-Abilities is an event to showcase dogs that have talents either "dressing" up, agility races, etc. The event also showcases service dogs. It was super cool watching some of the dogs dressed up and it was neat to see our dogs react to all the other dogs. My little Izzie is a mini daschund so she was surrounded by HUGE dogs all day. She was so fearless and couldn't have cared less. She thought she was tough so nothing bothered her, not even the Mastiffs or Great Danes. LOL. Pozy on the other hand is a Springer Spaniel and was super scared and very timid the entire day. She stayed right by Izzie's side and made sure that she couldn't get harmed. My mom decided to come along too and so did boyfriend's mom so they finally got a chance to meet. That was nice and they seem to have hit it off right away. That made me feel better since I was a nervous wreck for them to meet. My mom can sometimes say the weirdest things so I was just a little worried. I'll have more pictures once I get them from the boyfriend. The pictures are priceless and are so funny of the dogs.

Saturday night the boyfriend and I decided to do the St. Patty's Day thing since there were supposed to be some bars that were having specials and parties that night rather than having it on the actual day. We had invited almost everyone we knew to come out but everyone was busy so we just decided to go ourselves and have a good time. We dressed up in Green, wore beads the whole shebang and what do you know almost everywhere we went the parties were not there. I wish I could show you the boyfriend and I but because of Privacy Issues I can't. I can however show you this picture of me. I blurred out my face but you can still see what I'm wearing. :)

Yes I take pictures of myself in the bathroom. Don't judge me. (Sorry that the face is blurry but it's for privacy reasons)

Only one bar was an Irish Bar and was playing music but that was about it. It was lame but the boyfriend and I did have a great time and drank ourselves silly. :) It was a good night with good laughs. I was hit on my a 65 year old who thought I was "the most beautiful girl in the entire world". While that was nice an all he was real creepy and gave me his phone number so we all could have a 4 some. Umm-no thank you mister. The boyfriend was so ready to punch him but luckily security threw him out after I kept letting them know what he was doing. Otherwise the night was really really fun.

Sunday was just a typical Sunday. Nothing special. My brother came over and we made a pizza. A Homemade Pizza. Another recipe courtesy of $5 Dollar Dinners. Click Here and you can see the recipe for this awesome Pizza. Very delicious and we had a super fun time making it. In all hon esty though it really really simple to make. I was quite surprised.
My Awesome beyond Awesome Pizza.

How's was your weekend? Tell me all about it! I would love to hear from you! Have a great Monday everyone!