Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Hey all you lovely readers! I'm so sorry I haven't been able to post in a while. I have been so busy!! I know you always here that and I'm trying to do better but really I have been busy.

So where to start? Hmm? Well Valentine's Day was simply fabulous. We went to a Hockey game (it was my first professional sports game) with the boyfriend and we had an excellent time there. I really got into the game and was screaming and cheering and overall it was a blast. It also helped that the team won!! Yippie! So after we got home from the game we went back and got changed so we could go to dinner later that night. We went to a really nice restaurant and the food was really really good. They had specials for valentine's day and the boyfriend and I had wonderful conversation and had just simply the best time. He made me feel like a princess! :)

Move over to Sunday the day after and we did our normal routine. Went to church, came back to his house, changed, ate brunch, lifted weights, ab workout, then take the dog somewhere to go outside. (I sound like a fitness freak don't I?) We decided to go to a local state park. We walked around for a bit and then decided to run about a mile. I felt like dying since I hadn't ran in about a month. It was good however and I felt so much better afterwards. After that we decided to go on a hike before heading back to the car. We were hiking and almost to the end of the trail when I slipped in the mud(it was extremely muddy since the snow had melted) and tripped on a rock and went down. I was in severe pain and instantly starting crying. The boyfriend came over and tried to calm me down but I was in such pain that I couldn't stop. He carried me down the rest of the mountain (what a prince charming) me sobbing the whole way down and got me in the car. I went back to his house where his parents said that I needed to go to the hospital. So the boyfriend and me went to the hospital where they did x-rays and whatnot and learned that I sprained my ankle badly. I was put in crutches and an air cast and told to stay off of it for the next 3 days. Move over to today and I'm still in some pain and it's still swollen so I have to go call the doctor and get it checked out. Pray that I just need to rest it more!

I have been going through a variety of difficult things in the month of February. I'm not going to go into all the details of everything but please pray for my family and for me to be able to deal with everything going on. To give you some insight into what has happened here is a recap of some things:

  • The boyfriend turned 25 on the 17th (this is not bad however I just wanted to share!)
  • Ankle Injury
  • Mother found out she has two tiny brain aneurysms. Both are 2 mm's each so they don't operate they just monitor.
  • Brother has been in a group therapy home and has been acting up for the last 2 months. The 26th was his birthday. After we left him he got into trouble and was arrested for riding in a stolen vehicle. Side note: My brother has bipolar disorder along with other mental health issues. He has been in group homes since he was 13 and is now 19. He doesn't have the mind of a 19 yr old but the mind of a 10 yr old. His hearing is soon and hopefully he learns his lesson.
  • The boyfriend has been trying to get out of his sales job forever now and keeps looking but nothing is coming up. We would love to move but right now the opportunity isn't there. We keep praying and I keep praying that soon he will find a job he loves. He tries out Saturday to be a cop in a local township.
  • The stress of everything has been overwhelming and at times I have been very snappy and rude to the ones I love especially the boyfriend. He is doing an amazing job listening to me and helping me out with everything. We are going strong however I need to be more patient and understanding knowing that he isn't the "bad guy".
So those are some things that are going on in my life that have been very hard on me and the family. Please pray for all of us and that the grace of god will protect us and lead us in the right directions.