Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pizza and Me Do Not Agree

My title rhymes! LOL.

Since I have been getting back onto the bandwagon and eating extremely healthy I haven't been eating much pizza lately. Not saying that pizza is forbidden on WW just that I have been packing more and eating healthy sandwiches and salads more than just a slice of pizza.

I haven't had pizza in 5 weeks. Yes you read that right. 5 WEEKS! So last week I forgot to pack and my mom didn't come into work and sometime she packs us food. So I didn't have any food for lunch I decided why not get a slice of pizza today. I walked for about a half an hour to get some exercise in and then I decided to get my pizza slice. My slice was yummy and so delicious! I was seriously in heaven until...about a half an hour later when I did not feel so good.

The pizza did not sit well with me. I think my body is rejecting pizza because I haven't had it so long. This makes me a little sad but I'm sure that I'll enjoy it again once I get back down to my goal weight or even before then.

Stupid Pizza!!

P.S. I have a MAJOR headache and I keep getting one. Please pray these headaches go away soon!