Friday, July 31, 2009

Too Tired

For the next few days I'm sure that I won't be blogging much.

You see I decided to take on a 3rd job along with my Crab Cake job, and my main job which still isn't paying me. The crab cake job hasn't been giving me any hours since May so I decided that I really need to get some extra money.

I now work for a marketing/promotions company that hires clients to work at their clients events. They contact you whenever there are promotions in your area. So far I have only worked once with them but have loved it.(plus B works with me)

Last week I was contacted that there were openings in my area to work a number of days. So I choose a few days here and there but then had to switch due to unexpected weekend plans. So this weekend I'm signed up to work Saturday/Sunday 7.5 hours both days. Not too bad. B will be working at the events too and since this event is an hour and a half away it will be nice to drive with someone. I figured that after the event we can explore the town and have some fun. The money is fantastic too. B signed up to set up and breakdown along with working the event and i just signed up to be the Team Leader/Manager working the event. We both get extra money for doing this so I'm pretty excited. After this event I have another one to work near the end of the month which will be less hours but still great money.

Anywho, after all is said and done I will be working 11 days straight, then I head up to a cabin with B and his parents for a 3 days weekend. I'm so going to need to rest and relax so let's just pray that I do.

My month of August is filling up so fast that I'm not sure when I'm even going to find the time to do anything else I want to do.

So far my plans for this month:
Aug 1/2: working 3rd job
Aug 7/8/9: Cabin with B
Aug 15: Family Reunion on B's side
Aug 21/22/23/24: Hopefully Beach

Everything should be fun and really relaxing it's just when you put it on paper it looks overwhelming.

So if I don't blog for a few days please forgive me. I hope you understand. Have a wonderful day!

How's your month looking? Are you busy like I am?


Classy in Philadelphia said...

My month is super busy too! Working two jobs, organizing stuff for the school year, beach! I love being busy though.

Mrs. Jetplane said...

my email address is