Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm Back!

I'm back from my Beach Trip. It was a little more adventurous than I would have liked but we did have fun never less.

The weather was great for the first two days and then the next two felt like I was in the Tundra. It was FREEZING!

Some highlighted points (ones that made my trip kinda bad):

  • We left later than I wanted to on Wed. Therefore we got there really late and didn't do anything. We ate dinner and went to bed. Wasted Day!
  • Thursday we both drank way to much and I got sick. REALLY SICK! I went back to my hotel room and slept till I woke up to find my boyfriend gone. Where was he you ask? Drunk on the boardwalk eating dinner at 9:30 PM!
  • When I woke up from my coma and tried to find my boyfriend I reach for my cell phone to call him only to find out that my cell phone was broke. It wasn't turning on. GREAT! Had to use the phone in the hotel room that cost me for long distance. Luckily I got that taken care of at the end of the trip.
  • When he got back from his drunken escapades he was so tired he went to sleep. Great a wasted night and I feel sick. The entire rest of the night I was deathly sick. It was miserable.
  • Friday morning I woke up to find what looked like a scratch on my cheek. Turns out it was a jelly fish sting. Yes I was stung by a jellyfish on Thursday on my cheek and didn't know it and that's why I was sick the rest of the night from the venom.
  • The tundra cold the last two days of my trip. I couldn't go swimming in the ocean.
  • I was so tired from the night before (thurs night) that we didn't get to do anything Friday night. :(
  • When we left Saturday it was massive raining and my boyfriend was getting angry because he couldn't find the Penn State game. (to top it all off they lost and he was then super angry)
Otherwise we did have a good trip and tried to make the most of everything. I was really upset that I got so sick, my phone broke and that I had/have a jelly fish sting on my cheek but my wonderful boyfriend tried his best to cheer me up and we had fun.

Now I just have to deal with this lovely sting on my cheek that is pretty big mind you, hurts sometimes and the venom can still be in your for a while so sometimes I don't feel all that great. Wonderful!

In other news my mom moved out of my childhood house yesterday and closed on the house today. I'm very sad to leave this house but I'll always have the memories.

and to make life even better I'm still feeling crappy. I have a migraine headache, I'm achy, and I'm freezing cold. I really hope its from the venom still and not that I'm getting sick!

Sorry to be a downer just needed to vent. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!